Major companies often do better than a single developper

After more than one year of silence - working with more or less perseverance on this project - here are some news:

My domain name jamdroid.org was stolen by a UK-based company (enom.com, you bandits). I lost my web site, and only have this blog left. Hence the discontinued communication! I won't put another website online.

I managed to get a runnable alpha version of Jamdroid, that worked with OpenStreetMap data - hail to them, they do a really great job. Of course, a lot of work remains: user interface, data refinement and accuracy, integration API for GPS navigator software, etc.

Most importantly, Google announced yesterday a project similar to Jamdroid. Obviously, they will provide a much better service, and they have many more resource and weight to put in the balance than I will ever get. I guess it means the end of Jamdroid - I won't put any more efforts on this project.
It was a risk to take when launching this project: it realized. Good luck to them!

Thanks for those who supported me, or at least have shown interest in this idea.

Jamdroid is dead, long live Jamdroid!

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Vazedias a dit…

Jamdroid is very good idea.
I got your research "Jamdroid" to present in my SEMINAR Subject.

Thank you very much , wish you go on with your new project.